LAFONTAINE STUDIO is responsible for the creation, conception and production of visual effects on the most impressive live performances, both domestically and internationally.

Combining technological, technical and artistic innovation, the studio aims to magnify the experience of audiences around the globe by creating universes that honor the essence of life: water.
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Our mission at LAFONTAINE STUDIO is to help you creating, developing and producing stunning shows, which will bring your stories to life, promote your finest talents and offer memorable moments.

Technical direction

You have an idea, we make it happen! Along with artistic and production direction, we take charge of planning, coordinating and controlling full range of technical direction tasks. For the audiences to only see its own wonderment.

Infrastructure supervision

Your vision is our goal. We know that a building's architectural development is an integral part of the customer experience. Thus, we make every effort to successfully and seamlessly complete each stage of construction.

Production direction

To ensure the success of your project, our time and budget management skills will help you balance priorities and optimize decisions. Amid the pressures of busy, deadline-driven production, we should never lose sight of our goals.

Special effects design

Based on an extensive know-how in performing arts, Lafontaine Studio relies on an experienced and creative team to design, in close collaboration with the artistic direction, great concept that will exceed all guest expectations, young and old alike.


Our passion and expertise encompass all aspects of production to allow a great concept on paper to turn into a mesmerizing experience. Whether it is a turnkey project or a la carte, our knowledge is at your disposal to realize your vision.

Executive production

Listening closely is primary: business objectives, production needs, financial and operational constraints, all is considered. Attention to every little detail is essential for an event to be successful and can even save both time and money.
DEMO 2018
La Perle, Dubai - Dragone
The House of Dancing Water, Macau - Dragone
The Han Show, Wuhan - Dragone
Dai Show, Xishuangbanna - Dragone
In every project entrusted to the studio, creators, designers and engineers work together to serve a central purpose: creating unforgettable experiences. Here are some projects we have been glad to collaborate on.
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